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Best Russian Blue Cat & Kittens Online 
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Russian Blue is a breed of domestic cat that originated in Russia and is also known as Archangel Blues. This medium sized cat has bright green eyes and a blue-grey coat. They often appear larger than they actually are due to their double layer of thick fur, which stands out at a 45 degree angle. Russian Blues are also known for the unique feature of smiling, which is the result of a slightly upturned mouth. These cats are intelligent and love to play; however are extremely shy around strangers and do not adjust well to change. They can be difficult about hygiene and will not use its litter box if dirty. These traits combined with its extreme shyness have led to a reputation of being difficult to work with. However, they are affectionate cats who form strong bonds with their owners.

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Price: $0.00 USD
Listing ID: 8287
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